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Spooky Electronic Fireplace

For our Halloween party last year, we made this electronic fireplace to fit in with our cold color palette for the evening.

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The Berenstain Beers

Our latest beer, dubbed the “Berenstain Beer” was made specially with everything bears love. The beer came out to a final 9.5% alcohol, with an (expected) cidery taste, but surprisingly dry for the alcohol content, and with lots of fresh apple … Continue reading

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Simple Guitar Tuning Explorer

Processing is a Java-based programming environment that has done a great job of branding itself as accessible and empowering to newcomers, technophobes, and artists.  While I strongly oppose some of the programming practices it encourages (global side-effects, etc.), it’s hard … Continue reading

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Mission Statement

A ghost’s scaryness is proportional to the length of its arms.

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