binpack is a minimalist numeric binary packing utilities for node.js.

I’m working some utilities for OSC support in node, and I noticed that there was no really simple way to convert from native javascript types to and from the binary buffers required for OSC messages.

It turned out to be a nice project to get my feet wet with making native node extentions.

The code is free on github, and it’s uploaded to npm. To grab it, first make sure you have npm installed, then run

npm install binpack

The source code should provide a good example of a simple node extension.

About russell

Russell works at a music software company in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
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2 Responses to binpack

  1. Peter says:

    Hey Russell,

    I am having trouble getting binpack to compile in os x 10.6.8 using the latest version of node. Seems like node-gyp is the issue but it will successfully download and seems to be working…. Any advice?

    • russell says:

      Hey, I probably need more info to help you – are you a member of If so, probably the best thing to do is to open an issue on binpack and paste any error messages you are getting there.

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