The Berenstain Beers

Our latest beer, dubbed the “Berenstain Beer” was made specially with everything bears love.

The beer came out to a final 9.5% alcohol, with an (expected) cidery taste, but surprisingly dry for the alcohol content, and with lots of fresh apple flavor.

The 5 gallon recipe was:

32 oz. Honey
2 lbs. Dry Wheat
4 lbs. Dry Extra Light Extract
0.5 oz. Cluster Hops boiled for 40 min
0.5 oz. Cluster Hops boiled for 5 min
2 tbsp. Orange Peel (dried) boiled for 15 min
1/4 Gallon Fresh Apple Cider (half at the end of the boil, half in fermenter)
5 Lbs Fresh Apples (peeled, in fermenter)
White Labs WLP051 California Ale Yeast

Possible improvements would be to increase the honey to cider ratio to add a little more sweetness, and to not leave the apples in the fermenter for the full 3 week fermentation to avoid the grossness seen above…

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Russell works at a music software company in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
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  1. Al says:

    Can you guys mail me a bottle?

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